Welcome to the Random Side……..

So….. you have decided to click on this article to see what this post is all about? Well, let me tell you. There is no turning back now! You are forever destined to remain on this site, unless you answer my difficult question…… Why did the chicken cross the road? – *pauses*….. oh, you know? […]

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Feel the Rhythm

For some reason, whenever I say that post title I always think of Cool Runnings. I love drumming and anything associated with a beat. Currently, I am part of two bands; A Samba band where I live and a national Maracatu band in Ireland. Both are very different from one another, but equally exciting.

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Why I love Gaming

This is a silly post for some people, but surprisingly there is a distinct reason as to why I enjoy gaming. It’s social. Simple as. Through online gaming I managed to meet people that I never thought I would before through the chats and banter we have from online play. Gaming is also a way […]

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